I) Student shall conduct themselves within and outside the premises of the college, in a manner befitting the students of an Institution of National Importance.
II) As per the order of Honorable Supreme Court of India, ragging in any form is considered as a Criminal offence and is banned. Any form of involvement in ragging will be severely dealt with.
III) The following acts of Omission and / or commission shall constitute gross violation of the code of conduct and are liable to invoke disciplinary measures :


1) Lack of courtesy and decorum; indecent behavior anywhere within or outside the campus.
2) Willful damage or stealthy removal of any property / belongings of the college/Hostel or of fellow students/ Citizens.
3) Possession, Consumption or distribution of alcoholic drinks or any kind of hallucinogenic drugs.
4) Mutilation or unauthorized possession of Library books.
5) Noisy and unseemly behavior, disturbing studies of fellow students.
6) Hacking in computer systems (such as entering into other person’s area without prior permission, manipulation and/or Damage of Computer hardware and Software or any other Cyber Crime etc.,)
7) Plagiarism of any nature.
8) Any other act of gross indiscipline and malpractice as decided by the Academic Council from time to time. Commensurate with the gravity of offense, the punishment may be to reprimand, expulsion from the hostel, debarment from an examination, disallowing the use of certain facilities of the college, rustication for a specified period or even Outright expulsion from the College or even handing over the case to appropriate law enforcement authorities or the judiciary, as required by the circumstances.
9) All case involving punishment other than reprimand shall be reported to the Principal.
10) Cases of adoption of unfair means and / or any malpractice in an examination shall be reported to principal for taking appropriate action.
11) Mobile phones, triple riding and unauthorized parking is strictly prohibited in the college campus.