Staff and faculty involved with SRKR parents and their children offer the following tips for new SRKR parents to help them help their children succeed at SRKR.
Listen and reassure:

At some point in their first year, many students feel overwhelmed. They may call home, fearing their admission was a mistake. We hear this often. Listen, encourage and reassure. Suggest they talk to their academic advisor, the academic advisor in their residence or their resident fellow. Remind them of the support resources at SRKR, such as tutoring, help with study skills and counseling.

Encourage them to get to know faculty members:

The academic program at SRKR is designed to encourage close interaction between students and faculty. From small freshman seminars to faculty nights in the dining halls, SRKR offers opportunities for students to get to know faculty. Surveys show that students who develop close relationships with faculty get more out of their SRKR education than students who do not.

Encourage them to learn for the sake of learning:

SRKR's general education requirements are designed to encourage intellectual exploration. Suggest they study a subject they have never studied before. Many students are accustomed to collecting credentials needed for college admission. Encourage them, instead, to learn for the sake of learning.

Call us if you are concerned or need reassurance:

Colleges and universities are severely limited by law about what information about students they can share with parents. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about your first-year son or daughter or need some reassurance, contact the Parent Help Line at ……..

Guide lines for parents of prospective students:

Regular payment of the college fees is essential to ensure and maintain a high standard of education. We are extremely grateful for the many parents who meet their responsibilities in this regard. Your co-operation in this regard is appreciated.

In order to complete the syllabus for the year and deliver quality education it is of the utmost importance that your son / daughter attends classes regularly and completes their tasks /projects on time.

However A student whose attendance is less than 75% for a course is not eligible to appear for the end – semester exam for that course.

This is further to inform you that SMS will be sent to the parents of such students who become absent to any class in both sessions during working days. All other important information also regularly intimated by the way of SMS to the parents.

When you visit our college, please provide us the necessary information regarding changing of address along with Mobile Phone Number (in use) in prescribed format to enable us to contact through SMS when ever necessary.

All the parents/guardians are further requested to guide their son/ward(boys) to attend to college by wearing neat formal dress such as Terry cotton/Wool Pant along with Terry Cotton Shirt (avoid wearing casual dress such as Jeans/Cargo Pants and T-shirts etc.,) which gives a good decorum to the college.

You are hereby requested to meet the Principal and Concerned Head of the Department frequently to know the regularity and progress of your son/daughter/ward from time to time.