On Board

The Government of Andhra Pradesh constituted the governing bodies of all Private Engineering Colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1983. The present Governing Body Members (GBM) and the Members of Management (MM) of the college are: S.R.K.R. Engineering College Association

  • Sri Goka Raju Ranga Raju (Murali),Chairman

    Hails from Juvvalapalem Village and son of Sri G.Ranga Raju, who is the Founder President of this Institution. He is an Educationalist and Industrialist. He acted as President & Correspondent of D.N.R.College, Bhimavaram for a long time. He acted as Co-opted Member of Akividu Samithi previously and also Director Agricultural Market Committee, Bhimavaram. At present,he is one of the Directors of SIRIS, Medicines Division based at Vijayawada and Hyderabad.He acted as Treasurer for this College from March, 1995 to 2009.

  • Sri S.Prasada Raju.,President

    Sri S.Prasada Raju is the President of this Institution and is Young and Dynamic person and Managing Director of M/s. Prasad & Company (Project Works) Limited based at Hyderabad which is one of the major Construction & Engineering Divisions in the country. He is the Son of Chief Donor (Late Sri Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju) of this college. He has been acting as the Member of the Governing Body since March,1982 till 2009.

  • Sri P.Krishnam Raju,vice President

    Sri P.Krishnam Raju is the Vice-President of this college and hails from Panduvva Village, near Bhimavaram Town. He is basically an Agriculturist and also acts as Director, Safe Pack Private Limited, Bangalore and presently acting as Director, Cellar Limited, Hyderabad. He has been acting as Vice President of the College since August, 1991 onwards.

  • Sri S. Atchuta Rama Raju,Secretary

    Sri S. Atchuta Rama Raju , Secretary & Correspondent, hails from Chinna-Amiram Village and is the Brother of Late Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju, Chief Donor of this college. He is an Industrialist,A1 Contractor besides Educationalist. He is one of the Governing Body Members of D.N.R.College, Bhimavaram for a long period. He is Executive Director of M/S Prasad &Company (Project Works) Limited, having Head Quarters at Hyderabad, Ex-Chairman, Agricultural Marketing Committee, Educationalist and Philanthropist. He acted as Treasurer from the inception of the College to May, 1987. From June, 1987 onwards he has been acting as Secretary & Correspondent.

  • Dr.K.S.Vijaya Narasimha Raju.,Member

    Dr.K.S.Vijaya Narasimha Raju, Member, Governing Body, hails from Srungavruksham Village and is the Grand Son of Late K.Vijaya Narasimha Raju, former President of this college. Dr.K.S.Vijaya Narasimha Raju is professionally a Docotor and also one of the Directors of Bhimavaram Hospitals, Bhimavaram.

  • Sri. M. Surpa Raju,Member of the Association

    Sri. M. Surpa Raju, Member of the Association of this college since inception of the Association,and hails from Eeduru Village of Attili Mandal. He is an Agriculturist, Philanthropist besides Industrialist. He managed Agro based Industries (Rice Industry) in this district for a long period.

  • Sri G.S.Rama Bhadra Raju,Founder

    Sri G.S.Rama Bhadra Raju, an Educationalist and Advocate and Former Secretary & Correspondent of D.N.R.College, Bhimavaram and Founder & Former Secretary of this college up to May, 1987, hails from Bhimavaram town. He acts as Member for Several Bodies of Educational and Social Organisations in the town as well as at State Level. He is the Member of the Academic Senate of Andhra University. He is now acting as the member of the General Body of this Association from June, 1987 onwards.

  • Dr. G.Sita Rama Raju,General Body Member

    Dr. G.Sita Rama Raju, professionally a Medical Practitioner with specialization in Ophthalmology and leading Practioner, hails from Bhimavaram Town. He is an Educationalist and is a Member of the General Body of D.N.R.College, Bhimavaram. He is the member of Board of Directors of Krishna Hospitals which is a Multi Specialty Hospital He is acting as General Body Member of this Institution since 1983 to till date.

  • Sri S.V. Ranga Raju,Honorary Director

    Sri S.V. Ranga Raju, is placed as Honorary Director of this college by the Governing Body of S.R.K.R. Engineering college Association and he took charge as Honorary Director recently. He is a B.Com Graduate and a General Body Member of the Association of D.N.R. College, Bhimavaram and Sri Y.N. College, Narasapur.