Following are the some of the outstanding achievements

1. It is the first College among all the private engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh recognised by A.I.C.T.E. in 1992 and also U.G.C under 2(f) and 12(b) in 1998.
2. This College is one among the first five private Engineering Colleges established in Andhra Pradesh.
3. This College is consistently securing university ranks since its inception in all Engineering disciplines.
4. It is also securing high GATE percentile since its establishment, for example, in the year 2000, 122 students qualified out of 216 appeared in GATE 2000, 60 students got more than 90 percentile.
5. Another distinguished feature of this college is that a E.E.E. student secured all India First Rank in GATE-2000, An E.C.E. student got South India Second Rank in GATE-1998 and Civil Engineering Student obtained Soucth India First Rank in GATE-1995. Two Mechanical Engineering Students have got All India 5th & 14th Ranks in GATE-2001.


The institution fosters not only the intellectual but also the personality development of students by conducting personality development programs. The college is organising personality development programmes of 10-20 hour duration spread over 3-4 days using lecturers, presentations, role plays discussions. These programmes are mostly practical oriented and about four thousands students from the college and other colleges in the district have participated. Three personality development programs were designed and are conducted every year by the personality development cell for all students of our college.

Regular Programs:

1. Smart Student (How to get a good degree, good job and good spouse): It is a 3 day (10 hour) training program for first and second year students (covering positive and learning attitudes, Positive and creative thinking, setting SMART academic, career and personal goals, learning tools and styles, Intelligence, Multiple intelligences, Successful intelligence, Memory techniques, Classroom and study management, Visual thinking, Mind mapping). 2 programmes were conducted in 2005 and two programmes are planned for 2006-2007.
2. Focus (A personal growth program): It is a 2-5 day interactive training program for third and final year students (covering Employability, Communication and life skills involving, Role Plays, Games, Discussions, interviews, designing products, Group discussion). So far 19 Programs were conducted in last 11 years. One program was conducted so far in 2006-2007 and one more program is planned for this year.
3. Potential (An Intercollegiate Leadership Development Program for Young People): It is a 2-day (14-16 hours) training program for final year students (covering Attitudes, Ethics, Values, Leadership styles, Vision –Communicating vision, Learning and thinking styles, Visionary leadership, Successful intelligence, Multiple intelligences). Two programmes where conducted in 2006 and one program was planned for 2006-07. In addition to the above program personality development cell organises lectures of 1-2 hours duration for the students of various classes regularly on themes like attitude, positive thinking, communication skills, group discussions, emotional intelligence, multiple intelligences.

Personal Development Cell sponsors programs related to personal development by other organisations. Vyaktitva Vikasa Kendra organised program Art of Living Basic Course called Sudarshana Kriya (Which is taught world wide in 147 countries).

Programs At Other Places:

On invitation from corporate companies like TCS, NexGen, Millennium Finance and many engineering colleges in southern India, our faculty delivered lectures on Communication, Attitude, Smart leadership etc.

Books Published on Soft Skills:

One book titled "Attitude" on personality development is published by our faculty.
Two books titled "Smart goals" and "Smart students: How to get a good degree, good job and good spouse" are in the process of publication.
Programs conducted by experts from other organisations.
1. Every year Art of living programs (of Sri Sri Ravishankar) are organised in collaboration with Vyaktitva Vikas Kendra, Bangalore. Two programs were conducted in 2006.
2. Lectures are planned through Ramakrishna Mutt in character building.
Awards Won:
1.Miss. S. Chaitanya, III/IV B.E (E.E.E)
She participated in All India South Zone Inter University Badminton atBangalore from 8th to 14th December, 2005 and she represented Andhra University Women Badminton team.
2. Miss. S. Chaitanya, III/IV B.E (E.E.E), Miss. K. Bhavana, 4/4 B.E. (E.E.E),Miss. K. Bhargavi, III/IV B.E (E.E.E), Miss. P.S. Anusha, III/IV B.E (E.E.E)
Participated in Andhra University Ladies Inter Collegiate Tournaments held at S.K.S.D. Mahilakalasala on 13th-15th February, 2006 and they secured 1st Runner up in that tournament in the event of Badminton (Shuttle).
3. Mr. G.M.G. Chathurvedi, IV/IV B.E (E.E.E), Mr. V.N.S. Narayana, IV/IV B.E (E.E.E), Mr. Ch. Uday Kumar, III/IV B.Tech., (I.T), Mr. G.K. Swaroop, I/IV B.Tech., (I.T) participated in Andhra University Inter Collegiate ‘D’ Tournaments held at V.V.Giri Govt., Kalasala, Dumpagadapa on 20th & 21st December, 2005 and they secured 1st Runner up in that tournament in the event of Table Tennis.
4. Mr. N.V.K. Preetham, IV/IV B.E (E.E.E)
He got individual Men championship and best out going Sports man for this academic year 2005-06.
5. In view of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of our College, we conducted Andhra Pradesh State Engineering Colleges Students’ (Men) Tennis Tournament (Singles and Doubles) during 21st-23rd January, 2005. Our college secured 3rd Place in both Singles and Doubles.
6. Mr.D.Srikanth, III/IV B.E Civil Engineering participated in the First MCV all India open fide rating chess championship held at Swarna Bharathi indoor stadium, Visakhapatnam from 31-8-2005 to 5-9-2005 and he got 4 points out of 10 points.
7. Our students have participated in the AUIC "D" Zone Cricket tournament conducted at V.V. Giri Govt. kalasala, Akividu on 20th &21st December,2005 and entered semifinals.
8. Our students have participated in the AUIC "D" Zone Chess tournament conducted at V.V. Giri Govt. kalasala, Akividu on 20th &21st December,2005 .

Lectures arranged with eminent alumni:

Ø Sri Krishna Rudraraju, Manager, IT, Cedac Corporation, San Jose, Ca, USAspoke on "Employability skills" on Aug.14th, 2006.
Ø A seminar on "VLSI in Industry and Academia –Bridges the gap" by Venkat Sunkara 1994-97 ECE, Tuni to Market (India) Pvt. Ltd. and K Subramanya Kumar (by teleconference), 1996-99 ECE Philips Semiconductors, Netherlands. on Dec. 10th 2005.

Technical Paper Presentations and other activities by student chapters:

The College has student chapters of ISTE, IETE, IE (Civil), CSI, ACE, AME, IEEE, etc. These chapters frequently organise "Technical Paper Presentation Contests" at national and college level. ISTE mainly conducts competitions in literary events like debates, elocutions, GDs, Quizzes etc.
IETE conduct competitions in hardware design. CSI conduct competitions in software programming and C-Quiz and other computer related activities. AME&IE (Civil) conduct competitions in model making in various disciplines. In addition to specialized events all the groups conduct technical paper contests at college level and national level. All these student chapters are run by student executive bodies with minimum support from faculty adviser and necessary financial support from college from time to time.
The student chapters conduct intra departmental and inter departmental competitions to enhance communication skills among students. Special lectures are also arranged with eminent personalities.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell:

Two faculty members of our college were trained at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad. They continuously organise entrepreneurship and leadership development programs for the students and at nearby villages.


Music and Dance :

Students interested in this activity are identified and encouraged to form a music and dance club. Smt. Dasika Naga Padmini a professional musician and AIR artist is advisor to the club. She advises students on various aspects of Music. Teams are sent to youth festival.
Every year an intercollegiate music and dance competition christened "Raaga" is organised. Music and dance enthusiasts from different colleges participate. Eminent people like Prof. Natarajan (Chairman, AICTE), Prof. Anand Krishnan, Prof. V. Ananth (Director IIT), Prof. G.J.V.J. Raju (Former Chairman, NBA) visited these competitions and exhibitions.

Arts Club (Painting, drawing , handicrafts, sculpture etc):

An arts club is formed with enthusiastic students and Mr. Amar, a professional artist is advisor to the club. Every year an exhibition cum competition called "Collections" is arranged in painting, drawing, handicrafts sculpture. It is helping many students to show their talent.
A competition cum exhibition called "Kala" is organised every year.
Mr. Srikanth of 4/4 Civil who won 1st prize in all India art exhibition conducted at NIT, Warangal in 2006.

Poetry and Creative writing club:

Students are encouraged to participate in these activities and annual exhibition and competition of poetry, mini kavita, mini story and creative writing contests are conducted on annual day. This helped one student Ms. Aruna Deepthi (2005 ECE outgoing batch) to publish her poems as a book "Tiny Thoughts of a Tender Heart". Many students published their poems in magazines and news papers.

Design & Hobby club:

Interested students are encouraged to participate and design new models, products, circuits in mechanical, civil and electronics. The students exhibit their products in collegiate and inter collegiate competitions.
Mr. Chiranjeevi Phanindra of 4/4 Mech. won second prize in all India design contest organised by Osmania University in 2005. Students of department of ECE under the guidance of Prof. DVR Mohan bagged several awards like 1st place at VIT Vellore, CBIT, Hyderabad, KLC E college, Vijayawada. etc.

Intercollegiate competitions organised:

1. RAAGA–2005 was conducted in September 2005 as Inter collegiate Cultural festival/ competition organized by students. About 150 Students from 15 colleges have participated in the events.
2. KALA-2006 arts festival was conducted in September 2006 along with Raaga-2006. Students exhibited their collections of Paints, drawings, Cartoons, handicrafts and best exhibits were awarded prizes. Students from 10 colleges have participated in the competition.

Social service activities:

The college has a Red Ribbon Club (of Indian Red Cross Society) unit with 50 Student members under the guidance of Sri D.J.V Prasad, Associate Professor in EEE Department. They are taking up intensive awareness campaigning among their peer group and community on HIV/AIDS. They are also motivating people on Voluntary blood Donation.

Association with Social service organizations:

The college is actively associated with a premiere NGO – Byrraju Foundation for upliftment of rural areas in various activities like Health, Education, Environmental Pollution and level hood project. Byrraju foundation sponsored by Satyam Computer Services, Hyderabad has a mission to provide urban facilities in rural areas (PURA).

Activities with Byrraju Foundation:

The College is offering its infrastructure, lab facilities, faculty and experts to Byrraju Foundation in organising the following livelihood programmes for rural youth. The following courses are conducted on theS.R.K.R. Engineering College Campus.
1. Carpentry (form work carpentry to work with L & T Construction) – 3 Months course for 10th class pass. The program is designed by L & T and conducted in Collaboration with construction Technician Training Institute (CTTI), ofNational Academy of construction (NAC), Hyderabad. The course started from August, 2005. So far 3 batches of 25 students each have completed training and got gainful employment in L & T , MYTAS and foreign countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.
2. Plumbing: 3 months course for 9th class pass the students are immediately getting gainful employment in L & T, MYTAS and other construction companies and foreign countries. The course started from June, 2004 and eight batches of students of 30 each have undergone training.
The College offers its infrastructural facilities, class rooms, area for conducting their special practical training, lectures by faculty and services of Technical Staff. The faculty provides personality development training also for the students.
In addition to the above two trades Byrraju Foundation conducts livelihood programmes in other disciplines, like electrical wiring, general Construction office worker at other places. These students also undergo training for some time in the college campus and utilize the services of faculty, Technical staff and infrastructural facilities.
The college is collaborating with Byrraju Foundation in organising symposia, work shops on Environment, Effective Micro organisms, water quality management in Aqua Culture for the benefit of local farmers and rural people.
Prof KV Subba Raju, coordinator Personality Development cell is involved in organising personality development programs for rural people through teleconferencing.
The college has organised personality development programs for employees of Byrraju foundation (by personality development cell).

Social Service activities involving Technical Service:

West, East and Krishna Districts is famous for aquaculture industry – growing fish for export to Eastern states (West Bengal, Assam, Bangladesh) and prawn for export to other countries earning hundreds of cores of foreign exchange. The farming of fish and prawn is done by small farmers, where the quality of profitability depends on maintenance of proper quality of water.
For the benefit of these small farmers, a low cost portable aqua lab kit is designed and made available to farmer in 1993. Workshops were conducted at different villages to provide training to use the aqua lab kits for water management in aqua culture through out Andhra Coastal Belt.
These training programs are organised periodically for the benefit of small farmers and the kits are made available. The faculty is interacting with local Krishi Vignana Kendra for providing training to aqua farmers.

Meditation & Yoga Centre:

The college conducts programs on meditation and yoga for students with the assistance of college staff who have expertise in yoga, pranayama and meditation (in early morning hours).

Collaborative Arrangements:

EventsNames of Collaborations
Industrial Visits1. ONGC Ltd.
2. TCS, Hyderabad,
3. Delta Paper Mills Ltd, Vendra
Student Project1. Netenrich, Hyderabad
2. ECIL, Hyderabad,
3.BHEL, Hyderabad
4. Nagarjuna Fertilizers, & Chemicals, Ltd.,Kakinada
5. IBM, Chennai
6. HP,Hyderabad
7. Microsoft Student Projects, Hyderabad
8. IBM Student Projects, Hyderabad
Student Training1. HP Software, Hyderabad
2. TCS, Hyderabad
3. NTIL, Hyderabad
4. IBM, Chennai
Faculty Consultation 1. IIT Madras
2. Satyam Computers, Hyderabad
3. Netenrich, Hyderabad
4. Luminalto, Hyderabad
5. HP Software, Hyderabad
6. Vegesna Software,Hyderabad
7. Vector India Ltd., Hyderabad
Seminars/Expert Lectures 1. Texas Instruments,Bangalore
2. National Institute of Technology, Warangal
3. TCS, Hyderabad, Chennai
4. IBM, Bangalore
5. Sun Micro Systems, Bangalore
6. HP Software, Hyderabad
7. CTS, Hyderabad
8. Infosys, Hyderabad
9. Sisco Systems,Bangalore
11. Satyam Computer Services, Hyderabad
Research Projects 1. Collaboration with Wagenengin University, Netherlands. Project on "Kolleru and Upputeru Ecosystem".
2. Dr. T. Madhu, Professor in Dept. of ECE is acting as a Co-Investigator in project entitled "Analysis and Modelling of Indian Ionospheric Electron Content for GPS Applications", sponsored by ISRO, Bangalore under CAWSES scheme. Duration of the Project: July’06 to June’09.
3..SNIA Project
4. Netenrich, Hyderabad
5. HP Software, Hyderabad

College is recognized as National Skill development center in collaboration with NASSCOM and APSDC (Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Cell):

Exculsive well equipped Technology Center is established, aiming third year and final year students to upgrade their skills in latest trends of technology towards industrial requirements. Experts from various industries like TCS, HP & SAP Labs are technological partners for this center and contributes their knowledge in prototyping live industrial projects with students

One of our best practices are Innovation center which motivate students to work on inter displinary projects. Passion and Innovation are the driving force for this center. The faculty from different department involues in this center and makes the students to work on different projects involuing different displinaries of engineering. This center motivates the students by conducting design contests, coding contests and project contests national and international levels. Best projects were sent to the national and international contests all over the world. Industrial persons visits these projects & designs every year and funds these projects based on their industrial requirements. TCS, IBM, NETENRICH

Engaging in a hobby leads to acquiring substantial skills, knowledge and experience. The objective of the Hobby Centers is to inspire students to pursue a hobby and explore their potential in new and emerging areas. The committee work towards encouraging student participation in recreational activities, thus providing an opportunity for networking, team-building and personality development. Hobby center Committee initiates Hobby centers and activities. It arranges exhibitions for displaying creativity. It shall conduct competitions at intra and inter-college level, outdoor activities and also invite experts to guide students in pursuing hobbies. Hobby center organizes workshops or training sessions in fields like Animation, Web Designing, Ethical Hacking and Innovation Lab etc.

To bridge the gap between industry and acadamia Finishing school plays a major role. It aims at training the student towards industry requirements. It gives an exposure by making the student work on different projects, personality development programs and technological skills to convert the student to industry ready product.

· The College Collaborated with WAGENENGIN UR, Nether Lands and Acharya N G Ranga Agriculture University (ANGRU) for research programmes, workshops conferences and student exchange programmes.
· Collaborated with Stevens institute of Technology, Marist College, Mariland University, Michigan state University, Milwaukee School of Engineering of United States of America for Academic Exchange Program.
· College Collaborated with INDO-US Collaboration in Engineering Education (IUCEE) for Knowledge sharing.
· Collabrated with University Technology, Sydney-KAAS in the field of Bio-Technology Research Activities
· College is member of American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). Our Principal is membership chair for ASEE Indian Chapter.
· College is member of International federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES), World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) and Global Engineering Dean’s Council (GEDC)
· Our Students activities were recorded in LIMCA Book of Records, Wonder Book of Records and Unique World Records four times
· College is Collabrated with National Skill development agency, National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) and APSSDC (Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Croporation)
· College is having MOU with Systems Application & Products (SAP-Labs). As a part of it Big Data Analytic Center was established.
· College is Collabrated with Hewlett-Packard (HP-Labs) on university relationship program. As a part of it Cloud Data Center lab was established.
· College is Collabrated with IBM Acadamic Initiative Program.
· College is Collabrated with BOSCH India. As a part of it Joint Training Program was established.
· Microsoft Innovations Academic Relation Center was established in our campus.
· College is Collabrated with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Sangam Program. As a part of it Technology Center was established to train industry related latest technologies to students.
· College is Collabrated with Infosys Ltd. on Campus Connect Program.
· College is Collabrated with Byraju for Rural Transformation.
· Incubation Center was established in collaboration with NETENRICH, USA.
· IBM Ranked our college as one of the Top 30 Colleges in India.
· College is recognized as “Research Centre” by Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.
· Water & Environment Technology (WET) research Centre and Geospatial Information Centre(GIC) were established exclusively to address research in the areas of Environmental, ecological, land and water management aspects of the coastal tracts of the region.
· Institute of Engineering (IE), Kolkata has established Bhimavaram Local Center in Our Campus.
· Established Institution of Engineers (IE), India Society for Technical Education (ISTE), Computer Society of India (CSI), Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE), Instiute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Chapters in our campus.
· Recognized as Engineering Watch “ Campus”
· Our Campus is Microsoft Cloud Enabled Campus.
· College enabled with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).
· Our Alumni are in top most positions in the world
· Achieved all India GATE ranks: 1st ,2nd ,4th ,8th,12th and 22nd Ranks.
· Andhra Pradesh Panchayati Raj Portal was developed and maintained by our college.
· Andhra Pradesh Aryuvadic Data Center was maintained by our college.
· Superme Court appointed our college as a Technical Consultant for Kolleru Lake.
· Sri Krishna Committee along with S.R.K.R. Engineering College Submitted report on State Irrigation System to the Central Government during Andhra and Telangana State Bifurcation.
· College is offering Consultancy Services to Indian Railways, ONGC, Roads & Building Department, Panchaythi Raj Department, Canals and Irrigation Department, APTRANSCO, Coporations and Muncipalities, Village Panchaythies, e-governce projects etc.
· Research projects funded by government agencies.

Skill Development:

· Soft skill training is given to the students by the Internal Faculty right from 1st year. Keeping in view, the growing importance of soft skills, the college arranges training to the students from 3rd year onwards.
· Along with regular subjects, exclusive sessions are allotted in the class time tables to impart training on aptitude, verbal and soft skills.
· Technology Center which is aimed to train third year and final year students to upgrade their skills in latest trends of technology towards industrial requirements. Experts from various industries like TCS, HP & SAP Labs are technological partners for this center and contributes their knowledge in prototyping live industrial projects with students.
· Innovation center which motivate students to work on inter displinary projects. Passion and Innovation are the driving force for this center. The faculty from different department involues in this center and makes the students to work on different projects involuing different displinaries of engineering.
· National Skill development center in collaboration with NASSCOM and APSDC (Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Cell) is working to enhance the Technical Skill of the Students.